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A Bit About Me

Hi. My name is Kyla Caprarella, I am a third year Healthcare Management Major. At school, I work as a CASE Front Desk Student worker. In my free time, I volunteer at Boston Children’s Hospital and travel to Maine to explore and see family and friends.

Background: CASE Workshop Videos

The CASE has provided prerecorded workshop videos from Peer Mentors and Academic Coaches. You can access these ‘workshop’ videos in the CASE Workshop Series Organization on Blackboard. These videos give tips and tricks to help better your MPCHS experience, even as a third year, the videos have helped to give me advice as well. The videos include information on how to change your major, add a minor, tips for stress management and time management, study strategies, and more!

My Top 5:

1. Study Tips for your College Trips

This video talks about note taking and how to take effective notes to help you remember information. Discussing mind mapping which helps you to plan out everything out in a branching system to know which direction you need to focus on. The video goes on to explain different techniques for studying, resources that you can use at the university and how to work with online learning.

2. Time Management Among Many Responsibilities

Managing your time at MCPHS is essential to your learning environment. It will help you to plan your assignments, exams and study time. While also leaving time for your social life and time to be alone.

3. How to Combat Homesickness

Homesickness hits everyone at different points of being at school. Often times we feel alone and aren’t sure how to cope with this feeling. This video helps to understand the feelings of homesickness and give advice about what you can do to help make you feel better.

4. Want to Become an “A” Student?

This video asks what an “A” student is and explains how each student has their own way to be “A” students. Discusses the hard work that comes with managing school, social life and alone time. Each challenge faced is different of everyone throughout college, so this video gives different ways that students achieve the A.

5. Yaaay I Made It into MCPHS! Now What?

The video says, “Start at the CASE!” The CASE offers a variety of resources that are accessible to all students. Including your MAC team (Faculty Mentor and Academic Coach), tutoring, ULN, and more.

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