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How to Connect with Classmates Online

It can be hard to transition to online classes. The face to face interactions with your classmates are important but here are some ways to still interact with your classmates:

1. Introduce Yourself

  • Don’t be intimidated

  • Make an effort to connect and build relationships with classmates

  • Connect with peers on LinkedIn

2. Use Discussion Boards

  • Utilizing discussion boards is important. It is a place where you can share ideas, ask and answer questions, get clarification, and help each other out.

  • The piece students feel they are missing the most from an online course is the face to face interaction. Discussion boards will help you achieve that interaction and communication.

3. Work Together

  • Just because you don’t see your classmates daily doesn’t mean you can’t help each other out and bounce ideas off each other.

  • You are not alone! Chances are your peers are experiencing the same things you are.

  • Ask for help!

  • Ask professors to connect you to your peers.

  • Reach out to your peers to set up study groups, review sessions, etc.

4. Plan Virtual Meet-Ups

  • Utilize your technology. There are many ways to connect to classmates

  • Phone calls or texts

  • Video chat: FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams Video, Microsoft Teams Chat, email, and LinkedIn

  • Social Media

5. Connect with Tutors

  • Meet with a Peer Tutor, Professional Tutor or use TutorMe

  • Make an appointment with a peer or professional tutor at

  • Access TutorMe trough Blackboard

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