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First Flight Peer Panel

On Thursday, April 8th, First Flight had a Student Peer Panel event featuring Kayla Tat (Public Health ’22), Mary-Ivy Kunchidi (PharmD ’25) and Joy Njenga (PharmD ’25). Each student shared with other first generation attendees their background and experiences of being first generation college students as well as the tips, strategies, resources, and lessons learned while at MCPHS. Check out the recording of the event to learn more!

Congratulations to Karen, Peter, Rhiya, Phoebe, and Nicki who each won a $50 gift card at our live giveaway!

We also compiled a list of terminology here that is helpful for first generation students to know while attending MCPHS.

Terminology for MCPHS First Gen Students
Download • 427KB

If you are interested in learning more about First Flight and being part of starting a student-led first generation organization, please email You can also follow First Flight on Instagram and Twitter (@mcphs_1stflight) and Facebook (

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