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Cardinal Connections Podcast Introduction

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Cardinal Connections Podcast! My name is Kyla Caprarella and I am your host. I am a third year in the Healthcare Management Program and started working as a CASE student assistant in the fall of my first year. 

At the beginning of the spring 2021 semester, the CASE staff challenged each of us, student workers, to develop a project to support the CASE’s mission. My project is this podcast series, which will spotlight some of the incredible Cardinal Connections (or mentors) that students have access to (and can connect with) across campus. Many of the individuals interviewed in this series have been mentioned by our peers as someone that has been an important mentor during their time at MCPHS and have valuable information to share with students!

The series of video-podcast are each about 15-30 minutes and go over various questions discussing the spotlighted cardinal community member's journey to getting where they are, leadership, general advice, and who has influenced them in their own development. Follow us to see who I interview, new podcasts will air each Monday, and enjoy the great connections we have on campus. 

Kyla Caprarella Candidate for BS in Healthcare Management '22

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